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     Hello fellow stooge junkies.  Lunkhead here.  Been fiddlin' with this site since early 2001, so here's a bit of history.  I first saw these guys on Sally Starr's Popeye Theater out of Philadelphia in the early '60s when I was about 6.  It was fun growing up with the boys on TV each night during dinner.  Nothing like chomping on meat-cakes and mashed potatoes and slurpin' Jell-O, while catching a good pie fight on the tube.  My sister and I loved when Moe's hair would stand on end in some of the scary shorts.  We also dug seeing Curly go nuts, Larry receiving a vicious slap and Shemp's long hair floppin' around.  As a kid, the physical aspect was the main attraction.  Later, I came to appreciate the snappy dialogue (as Moe once said).  Through the '70s & early '80s, the airing of the stooges would come and go in the Philly area on local UHF channels.  Then with the advent of cable and VCRs, the boys returned and have been re-discovered by more legions of knuckleheaded fanatics everywhere.  Today the stooges are probably more popular than ever.  The work of these great comedians will endure.  My kids love them and I'm proud my daughter is a fan.

     When I began surfing the web a few years ago, it was cool to find so many stooge sites.  I began hanging around the message forums and chat rooms using the name Lunkhead, cause it seemed to fit.  Working in a machine shop back in the 80's, I went by many names which usually ended with headPasta-Head was the main one. (It still meant brainless, though it started via a pasta lunch in a Tupperware bowl).  My mentor, The Grand-Pasta, would occasionally call me Lunkhead.  He was a stooge fan as well and we would discuss some favorite scenes.  I can't reveal most of the other head names, as my site is family oriented.  Anyway, that's how Lunkhead came to be.  I feel extremely proud whenever I hear Moe call Curly a lunkhead.  Feels warm and fuzzy.

     My website's had several incarnations, but its main purpose is to celebrate the Stooges and provide fans some laughs.  I'll continue to update and make improvements as time permits.  There are many great stooge sites on the net which feature excellent info about the boys' lives and careers.  My site is more of a fun zone, with sights, sounds, games, message forums, etc.  Check out my stooge links page to visit some cool pages where stoogery reigns supreme.  Be sure to visit the official Three Stooges site for the latest news and check out stooge shopping at www.soitenlystooges.com .  You've also got to drop in at StoogeWorld , where my buddy Kevin webmasters a fantastic stooge tribute site.

     With Lunkhead's Place being a homage to the stooges, I decided to add a sister site for my other big passion - classic monster movies.  Brain of Lunkenstein is a salute to the Saturday night creature-double-features I was raised on.  It's also a work in progress and is currently in its infancy.  If you like classic horror and monsters, please check it out.  Both sites feature message forums with several categories where you can share your thoughts on the stooges, monsters, music, sports, etc.  Hope you enjoy your visit and come back often.  







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