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Welcome!  Ready to challenge KO Stradivarius to a grueling 12 round match?  Then you're at the right place.  Loosely based on the 1934 stooge classic, "PUNCH DRUNKS", this online game puts you in the ring with KO in an attempt to beat the weasel-warped champ.  But with Moe and Larry in Curly's corner, winning isn't easy.  With Moe's kind words of encouragement, and Larry's musical talents which help heal KO and empower him to pound you back, putting one in the win column is a chore.

Here are the computer specs:

The game is written in java-script and designed to work on Internet Explorer 6.0+, so you'll need that browser with java enabled.  Your monitor screen resolution should be set at 800 X 600 for best results.  Load time will vary with your connection speed.  Please have patience, as there are many sound and picture files which need to load.  Testing the game on a 56k connection, it took 3 and 1/2 minutes to fully load.  Load time on a cable modem connection took about a 1/2 minute.

Getting started:

PLEASE NOTE: (The following is a very detailed description.  It's really not as hard as it may sound to get to the game.  Just takes a little patience.)

Click on the "Play the game" link at the bottom of this page.  As stated, it will take time for the game to load.  It may appear at first that the page has frozen, but hang on.  Eventually, you will see information appear on the right-hand side in regard to score, # of rounds, time, etc.  The main screen will probably still appear white.  Then, sounds of the crowd will be heard and the background should appear showing the boxing ring and crowd behind it.  You'll still see files loading at the bottom of your screen.  Whew! - You're almost there.  Soon, a pop-up will appear, telling you, "Loading... Please wait... When image of Curly appears, press OK to begin."  When Curly appears, click on "OK".  Next, a prompt will appear asking you to enter your challenger name.  You may enter a name up to 20 characters long.  Enter your name and click "OK" to begin.

General game play:

As Curly dances around the ring, wave your mouse cursor back and forth over his image to punch him.  You may or may not hear a punching sound, but you'll rack up 50 points each time you connect.  On the right hand side you will see information as to how you're doing.  KD stands for 'knock-downs', and you'll see how many you currently have during each round and total KD's for the entire match.  You will also see your score, what round # you're in, and how much time is left in the current round.  Each round lasts about 3 minutes.  It takes a lot of swinging to knock Curly down.  Keep at him, and eventually he'll start staggering and seeing stars.  That's when he's ripe for the knock-down.  Hit him hard and fast, cause dangerous things can happen when he's in that state.  I'll explain later.  On the top right, scenes connected to the action will appear.  When Larry appears playing "Pop Goes the Weasel" on his violin, Curly will briefly go nuts and bash you resulting in lost points.  It also revives Curly if he's in a woozy state.  The violin is Larry's main method to help KO fight back, but unfortunately, the strings keep breaking and have to be re-strung, so the violin will never actually do you in.  Sometimes a picture of Larry running appears.  He's desperately looking for the truck which blasts the weasel tune.  If he finds it, KO runs amok and the game is over.  Sometimes he finds the radio playing the song.  But it proves ineffective except for reviving a dazed Curly.  There are many pop-up messages that will appear as the game flows.  They act to inform and can also be used for pausing the game, as the action halts whenever one appears.  You can answer them by clicking "OK" or pressing the "Enter" key.  If you want to exit the game early, click on the "Quit Without Saving" link on the bottom right.

Winning the game:

There are 2 ways to win.  KO can take serious punishment, but if you manage to knock him down 15 times within one round, you'll win.  You can also declare victory just by surviving the full 12 rounds without Larry finding the truck.  

Losing the game:

As stated, you lose when Larry finds the truck.  The odds of him finding it increase greatly after the 6th round, but he may find it at any point after you see him running down the street.  Also, when Curly is dazed and staggering, the odds increase.  But the most dangerous time is when Curly is dazed and about to be knocked down for the 15th time within the same round.  Get him fast as the truck can appear within seconds in this scenario.

Finishing up:

Whether you win or lose, click on the "Exit Game" button which will appear when the game ends in order to save your results.  It will also take you to the High Scores listing page.  There you will see all challengers and results listed according to their ranking.  If you've won, you'll see a "yes" under the "Champ" column and will be listed near the top.  The standings are determined in the following manner: By champ [yes or no] and then by highest score.

Lunkster's tips:

It's hard to knock Curly down 15 times in one round, but it can be done.  Try waving your mouse cursor as fast as possible over his image, and get as many KD's as you can early in a round.  Try anticipating his dance to be in good position to connect sooner.  But if the violin comes too often early, and it looks like 15 KD's ain't possible, give your hand and elbow a break and just try to survive that particular round.  I also recommend playing with one hand using the mouse, and the other pressing the "Enter" key to respond to any pop-up messages.  That lets you position your mouse better after answering a pop-up.  Also, if at any point clicking on "OK" on a pop-up doesn't work, press the "Enter" key instead as it serves the same purpose.   If possible, get a new optical mouse [light-sensored].  They react more quickly and accurately and make playing the game easier.  Plus you'll never have to worry about cleaning dirt and hairs from your mouse ball ever again! - Isn't that wonderful?!?!


Have fun playing, but don't over do it.  Waving the mouse quickly for hours on end can strain your elbow and hand, and staring at the dancing KO excessively may strain your eyes.  You can always take a break during a pop-up and resume play later.  Also, as with any video game, anyone susceptible to epileptic seizures should use caution and consult their physician before playing.




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