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Hey there Donald Trump.  Come right on in and spin some slots.  Actually, money's no good here chump so forget it.  We're talking about real stakes.  We're talking about being #1 in the ranks of Lucky Lamebrain Slot players.  Welcome to the arena where happiness abounds when you match 2 or 3-of-a-kind.  The difference here is instead of trying to match cherries, lemons or bells, you're looking to match stooge and supporting actor faces.  The object of the game is simply to win as many points as possible in order to place high in the player list.  Of course we're playing just for fun and game points only - I run a respectable jernt here.

Here are the computer specs:

The game is written in java-script and designed to work on Internet Explorer 6.0+ and Netscape 7.0+.  Your browser will need to have java-enabled, which most are by default.  You can choose to play the game with sound or without.  The non-sound version loads faster, but you won't be able to hear the stooge voices and effects.  

Here are the approximate load times for various connections:

CABLE MODEM / BROADBAND (With Sound):        40 seconds

CABLE MODEM / BROADBAND (Without Sound):   8 seconds

56K DIAL-UP (With Sound):                                            3 and 1/2 minutes

56K DIAL-UP (Without Sound):                                       1 minute and 20 seconds

Please note that you can only play the game on Netscape without sound.

Getting started:

The first thing to do is setup a Username and Password.  You'll only need to do this once.  Afterward, you'll be able to login and save your progress each time you play (using the same username and password).  Click on the link, 'Create a Username and Password', at the top of this page to setup your user account.  Just follow the instructions on the Lucky Lamebrain User Setup Screen.  You may enter a name up to 20 characters long and a password up to 10 characters long.  NOTE: Both Username and Password are case sensitive, so be sure to write them down exactly as entered (for logging in later).

After you've established your user account, you can click on any of the "Play Now" links at the top or bottom of this page.  You can play the game with or without sound.  As stated, if you choose to play without sound, the game will load faster, but you'll be missing some fun as you won't hear the stooge voices and sounds.  If you play with sound, please have patience as the game loads.  It may appear at first that the page has frozen, but hang on.  Eventually, you'll see the background appear and files loading at the bottom of your screen.  Soon, a pop-up will appear, prompting you for your username, followed by a pop-up for your password.  Login with your username and password and you're ready to play.

General game play:

Each time you begin a new game, you're given 25 points to start with.  Enter your bet and click the "Spin the slots" button.  The heads will spin for a few seconds, then you'll see if you've matched any faces.  Matching 2-of-a-kind pays twice your bet.  Matching 3-of-a-kind pays 10 times your bet.  Of course no matches results in your bet being subtracted from your current points.  If you wind up losing all your current points, you can start a new game by clicking on the "Start over" button.  You'll be given another 25 points to get spinning again - You don't have to log back in to start over!  If you're having good luck and accumulating quite a mother-lode, you can choose to add your winning points to your user account.  To do this, click on the "I am done for now" box.  A pop-up appears and tells you exactly how many points you've won (the original 25 are excluded).  Click "OK" on the pop-up, and you'll see a long button appear at the top of the game which says "Add winnings to your total points and Exit Game".  Click on it, and you'll be taken to a page that lets you know your account was updated successfully.  But beware - if you entered invalid user information before starting the game, nothing will get updated.  Anyhow, from there you can click on the link to view the high scores and play again if you like.

If you want to exit the game early, click on any of the "Quit Without Saving" links at the bottom of the game screen.

Object of the game:

Just have fun playing the slots and try to win as many points as possible.  Here's the cool part:  Every time you gain a decent amount of points, you can add them to your user account - and they're there to stay.  You never lose any points in your account - you just keep adding to it!  Therefore, the players that play most often and take the biggest risks to win big, will be listed toward the top in the High Score standings.  But remember, you could also bet a huge wad of points during any current game and lose em in the blink of an eye.


As with any video game, anyone susceptible to epileptic seizures should use caution and consult their physician before playing.

Final thoughts:

Place those bets!  Spin those slots!  Tote that barge!  Lift that bail!  AND LUCK BE A STOOGE... TONIGHT!




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