Here are some non-stooge things to check out. Hopes ya like 'em!


Stupid Television Tricks


I was in a bit of an eccentric mood when I made these pages.  They're stupid.  They're weird.  And I hope you get a kick out of them. ;)


Lunkhead's Drive-In Theater



Owning a drive-in theater has long been a dream of mine, but since that's really not possible, I came up with a little online version.  The same cartoon and movie will probably always be playing there, but they're all I could afford.


Brain of Lunkenstein



  This is my sister site devoted to classic monster, horror and sci-fi films.  As with Lunkhead's Place, it will be a continuing work in progress. 


The Daily Cartoon


Strictly a Bravenet service, you might find an amusing cartoon here now and then.  They change every day - but watch out for pop-ups!



  Home Jerkington