Through the years, I've developed some computer games based on the stooges.  This arcade is also an archive of what I came up with.  All the games still work for the most part, but with some tweaking.  Read the description of each game on the right to see what you have to do to kick it in the behind to still function.


Slap-O-Matic 5000


This was the first very first one. A variation of Whack-a-Mole - You are Moe, slapping the other stooges relentlessly.

It is a Windows based program which you can download and safely install on any PC running Windows 95 through XP.  It may work on Vista too, though I've not been able to test it as I still use XP.  It downloads as a zip file which you save to your pc. Then simply unzip it and follow the directions for installing.  It still plays fine on my XP PC, so download away!


Curly's KO Boxing



Here is the first online game I tried.  It may not look like it, but I spent a lot of time creating it.  Based on PUNCH DRUNKS, it's a boxing game where you try to defeat KO Stradivarius [Curly].

The game was made using javascript.  I developed it to work with Internet Explorer.  The problem is, the newer versions of IE wreck havoc with it.  I've had to modify it a couple times for it to continue to work.  Currently, it still works on IE, but the audio isn't as much fun because I had to change how it loads.  NOTE: Before you try to play the game, you have to add to your 'Trusted Sites' under 'Tools' => 'Internet Options' => 'Security' => 'Trusted Sites'.  Otherwise, IE will block the script which runs the game.

Oddly enough, the game works fine on Mozilla Firefox except there is no sound.  The code for the game will only provide audio when played on IE.


Lucky Lamebrain Slots



This was the second online game I made.  Also developed with javascript, the main game program came from free source code which I modified into a Three Stooges slot game.

  NOTE: The same situation occurs with this slot game as with the boxing game. Before you try to play it, you have to add to your 'Trusted Sites' under 'Tools' => 'Internet Options' => 'Security' => 'Trusted Sites'.  Otherwise, IE will block the script which runs the game.

This game also works fine on Mozilla Firefox, but again - there is no sound.  The audio only works when played on IE.


Stooge Picture Puzzles


Ah ha! The third online game still works fine on both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.  No tweaking needed at all.

Another javascript game, it's a brainteaser as you scramble and then try to reassemble pictures of the stooges.  Have fun!



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